2017. 12

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Samdasoo spa, 235 iteawon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea

SAMDASOO brand identity is deeply rooted in JEJU island.
From majestic nature to the way of life in jeju.

One of the most impressive characteristic of ‘JEJU’ is purity of huge basalt. When you visit Jeju island, you can appreciate wonderful mass of basalt and you can enjoy the same atmosphere in here. 

Samdasoo spa is located on the side of iteawon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, which connects Han-nam dong and Iteawon.

Samdasoo spa has dynamic ground condition. There is a cliff behind the building and this condition provides nice scenery to visitors.

Isolated Island
prince of wales island qld > composition viii the cow (1918) by theo van doesburg

The design concept of samdasoo space is isolated island.
The ‘Isolated island’ is translated to the floor plan which has three characteristics, Independence, Emptiness, and Scale.

A isolated island is translated to floating mass which is put on the edge of cliff. And

Paper-membrane folding process

So, we tried to use membrane architecturally. This is process of wrapping. A membrane was just a surface originally. And we cut that membrane and made more edge condition, then 2dimensional surface became 3dimensional wrapper. One surface is used to horizontal plaza and vertical façade in the same time.


                                       FLOOR PLAN

Then, We focused on the difference between wrapped surface and unwrapped surface. The front and back façade is wrapped by solid membrane. But, the left and right façade is exposed because they are unwrapped. This is result of  consideration of many windows and openness of side facades

’A CANAL LOCATED IN JEJU ISLAND’ is translated to narrow stairs.

‘A CAVE LOCATED IN JEJU ISLAND’ is translated to ovservation deck.

’STARS ON JEJU’S SKY’ is translated to ceiling.

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