2016. 06

Student work
Hanyang university, wansimni 222, seongdong-gu, Seoul

This project is a renovation project.
The Human ecology building in Hanyang university is constructed in 1983. Hanyang university is located at wangsimni, Seoul, Korea. Campus was surrounded by hanriver and waterside park.
College of human ecology located in the center on campus.

The Heco building has dynamic ground condition.


The design concept is membrane which functions as new boundary.
Membrane is a thin layer which divides space and it is selective barrier. It is very flexible and translucent.
Membrane has three big attributes, first, it always wraps something, second, it has very thin edge. Finally, it is transformed only by tension points.

Paper-membrane folding process

So, we tried to use membrane architecturally. This is process of wrapping. A membrane was just a surface originally. And we cut that membrane and made more edge condition, then 2dimensional surface became 3dimensional wrapper. One surface is used to horizontal plaza and vertical façade in the same time.

Physical model

Controlling facade    transperency   

Then, We focused on the difference between wrapped surface and unwrapped surface. The front and back façade is wrapped by solid membrane. But, the left and right façade is exposed because they are unwrapped. This is result of  consideration of many windows and openness of side facades

1F Floor plan

2F Floor plan